Start-up Businesses

Ringrose Law has worked together with many new start-up businesses and growing businesses across Lincolnshire & Newark

Our trusted team can provide specialist commercial legal advice for any start-up business, from company formation to employment law matters we have it covered.

About Us

We offer a fair pricing structure to all new start-up businesses, we appreciate the struggles all new business owners’ face and keeping control of costs and budgets is critical. We know all the legal jargon but make sure we put it into plain English for our clients to ease them through this process.

When starting or growing a young business keeping control of costs and budgets is critical. We understand that legal costs are often uncertain as many law firms are reluctant to offer a fixed price for legal work.  For this reason many businesses do not obtain formal legal advice at the outset, something which they may later regret. Many problems are more expensive, time-consuming and difficult to deal with later in the life of a business and may even reduce the value of the business.

What services we can offer you?

  • company formation
  • shareholders or partnership agreements
  • terms of business
  • employment contracts
  • employee handbook
  • articles of association/constitution
  • Intellectual Property
  • Licensing
  • Registering trademarks
  • Commercial contracts for goods and services
  • free half-hour no-obligation telephone consultation
  • advice on the legal requirements of your business (what you need to do or to get started)
  • competitive pricing structure to suit your business needs

For further advice and support or for a free meeting please contact the team.


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