Recruitment at Ringrose Law

Recruitment at Ringrose Law

Recruitment at Ringrose Law Solicitors – find out more about current job vacancies, training contracts and work experience at Ringrose Law Solicitors

Becoming a Solicitor

Ringrose Law is registered with the Law society to offer training contracts. Once you have finished your Training Contract you will be entered onto the Roll of Solicitors. You can then apply for a Practicing Certificate and if you wish, join the Law Society as a full member.

Perhaps more important is the practical consideration of securing a job. Many newly qualified Solicitors prefer to stay on with the firm at which they trained, where they are familiar with both the practice and the members of staff. It is unlikely that a firm will invest time and resources in training you if it had not projected that a permanent place would be available at the end of it.

Life as an Assistant Solicitor

Having qualified and now employed your title will almost certainly be that of Assistant Solicitor in the first instance. This means that you are an employee of the firm normally working under the supervision of a Partner or Senior Assistant Solicitor (Associate Solicitor in Ringrose Law) and will work on a fixed salary.

The working life of an Assistant Solicitor varies considerably according to the type of firm you are with, the Partner supervising you, the areas of work in which you are practicing and your own abilities. In general, you will be expected to work hard and take responsibility for your own clients and files without constant supervision. To find out more about what it might be like, read our staff profiles and consider the differences in practice areas.

Associate Status

Most newly qualifieds work keenly towards increasing their seniority in the firm. Ringrose Law rewards that quality and commitment with the appointment of Associate Status. You don’t have to be a solicitor to achieve this position. All our associate appointments are of senior, loyal and trusted members of staff. The appointment can progress on to salaried partnerships and finally full equity partnerships but you do not always need to go through all of these steps.

Continuing Professional Development

The Solicitors Regulation Authority requires every Solicitor to update their skills and knowledge constantly so formal assessed training does not end with a training contract.

Employment Generally

However, not everyone who works in a Solicitor’s Office is a Solicitor. There is a wide range of staff including:-

  • Legal Executives,
  • Paralegals, Secretaries,
  • Receptionists,
  • IT Technicians,
  • Human Resource & Marketing,

All are equally important and valuable.

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