Do you provide free Employment Law advice?

We undertake regular free Employment Law Advice Clinics at all our offices.

Our clinics provide you with up to 20 minutes free consultation and advice about any Employment Law matter. However, for those requiring a full assessment on the background of your situation, and wanting in-depth advice about your Employment Law issue, we would comment 20 minutes is unlikely to be sufficient.

We operate a Fixed Fee Appointment scheme. This is not an hourly rate and therefore you will know exactly how much your appointment will cost, no matter how long the appointment takes. Whilst we appreciate an appointment with one of our specialist Employment Law Advisers is not free, we consider it represents excellent value for money being fixed at a reasonable cost.

During a Fixed Fee Appointment, we will provide a full, proper and comprehensive legal opinion on: –

  • The full background of your situation
  • Any potential claims
  • The value of those claims
  • Next action to be taken
  • Funding for our representation

Also, to ensure that you have a full record, we provide full written confirmation of our advice. Fixed Fee Interviews start at £200 plus VAT (£240 total) for an appointment with an Employment Law Solicitor.

If you would like a Fixed Fee Appointment with any of our specialist Employment Law Advisers, please contact your nearest office and ask for a member of the Employment Law Team.