A Grand Idea Finalist – Grantham Canal Society

About Grantham Canal Society

Grantham Canal Society is celebrating its 50th Birthday, a significant achievement for a 100% volunteer organisation. The Grantham Canal meanders its 33-miles along The Grantham Canal Basin and is widely regarded as the jewel of the unrestored canal system in Britain. Our long-term objective to reinstate the canal will turn dereliction into treasure; creating jobs, housing and a visitor attraction of regional merit. We hope through this to add significant long-term value to the community.

How would £1000 benefit Grantham Canal Society?

We have around 80 active volunteers working across several teams; lock restoration, canal maintenance, trip boats, events and rangers. Each of these teams require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of Hi-Viz vests, gloves, hardhats, ear defenders. These need regular replacement. The 1000 would go towards purchasing PPE and would help ensure that our volunteers remain safe so they can continue with this project which has the power to transform communities and add significant value.

Why do you think it is A Grand Idea?

A ‘grand’ would ensure the safety of our volunteers, allowing for 1000s of volunteer workhours. Our volunteers work hard and deserve PPE worthy of the time and commitment they provide. Without the volunteers there is no chance of fulfilling a dream with Biodiversity, Carbon Impact, Leisure, Economic, Education, and Health and Well-being benefits. Dreams that secure the immeasurable ecology, environment and heritage the canal provides for 1000s of young people

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