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Are you thinking about adoption?

There are over 4,000 children in the UK alone waiting to be adopted at any one time. Are you thinking about Adoption of a child?

Adoption is defined as when a child legally becomes a member of a new family and has one or two new parents. Once a Court has made an Adoption Order the child becomes a full member of the adoptive family, and the birth parents no longer have any parental rights and responsibilities for their child.

If you are thinking about adoption then you should contact us immediately for some advice, we can talk you through the process, assist with any form filing exercises and support you through every step of the way.

Types of Adoption

If you are thinking about adoption, depending on your current circumstances will depend on the type of adoption you can apply for.

The types of adoption are;

  • By a single natural parent
  • By a natural parent and a step parent
  • By a relative
  • Through local authority or an adoption agency
  • From overseas

I am thinking about adoption, am I eligible to adopt?

If you are thinking about adoption, there are certain criteria you need to fulfil before you can apply. Provided you meet the criteria below, you are eligible to apply to be an adoptive parent (click for the process here) if you are unsure if you are eligible to adopt contact us and we can provide you with the best advice and assess your individual circumstances.

The criteria includes;

  • You can apply to be an adoptive parent when you are over 21years old
  • Can provide evidence of providing a permanent, stable and caring home
  • You are either a single person or part of a married couple (you cannot adopt if you are part of an unmarried couple – even if one of you is the natural parent)
  • You need to be able to pass a police test

I am not a British Citizen – can I adopt?

You do not have to be a British Citizen to adopt in the UK but you have to have lived in the UK for more than one year to be able to apply.

An Adoption Order can only be made if;

  • The child is under the age of 18years old when the application is made
  • The child isn’t or hasn’t been married or in a civil partnership

If you are thinking about adoption then do not hesitate to contact the Ringrose Law family team in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding and Newark.

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