Coroner’s Inquest


The sudden, unexpected, death of a family member or an employee is an extremely traumatic event for those left behind. If there is to be a coroner’s inquest, you may want to attend, but you will almost certainly find it very difficult and emotional to do so.

What is a coroner’s inquest?

A coroner’s inquest is an inquiry to find out who has died, how, when and where so that the death can be registered.

A coroner’s inquest may take many months to arrange and can sometimes be a very complex affairs lasting several days. It can be a terrible ordeal for the family or for the deceased’s employers. We can help because of our experience of the process involved and our expertise in the field.

Who can attend the coroner’s inquest?

People may attend the coroner’s inquest as an interested party, such as a family member, or simply as a member of the public.

As an interested party, if you are concerned about the circumstances in which your relative came by their death, it is sensible to seek advice from a solicitor.

What can we do to help?

Here at Ringrose Law we have experienced members of our team who can help you by explaining the process of the coroner’s inquest and represent your wishes to the Coroner. Only a solicitor may represent you at the coroner’s inquest.

A solicitor will also be able to advise whether you might have a claim for compensation against any person or organisation involved and, although the coroners inquest is not the place where such claims can be pursued, they are often valuable in finding out more about the particular circumstances that led to the death.


Public funding (legal aid) is available for a coroner’s inquest in specific circumstances. This is something that you should discuss with us. You will only be able to obtain public funding through a solicitor. If it is available, we are willing to apply for it for you, and have done so successfully in the past.

You may have legal expenses insurance; people are often unaware they have this cover as part of a wider policy, such as your household insurance. It is important that you check this promptly, as there are usually short time limits for making claims under such policies. We will discuss this with you, and also other possible sources of funding or support available to you. Otherwise, you would normally need to pay your legal costs from your own resources.

Please call or email us for more information on the coroner’s inquest and find out how we can help you.

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