Digby War Memorial

About Digby War Memorial

Digby War Memorial Hall is a community building at the centre of our small, rural village. We run coffee mornings, community cinema shows and host a variety of user groups from judo for children to bowling and kurling for the U3A! We offer a variety of low cost, no travel required options and services for families and the older generation and encourage everyone to get involved with their village and community.

How would £1000 benefit Digby War Memorial?

Digby War Memorial Hall was built in 1966 and opened in 1967. However, the hall has not been updated throughout that time until last year when we commenced on a comprehensive programme of refurbishment. Through fundraising and grant applications we have now made the building wind and water-tight and replaced the wiring and heating. However there is still much to be done and £1000 would be put to good use in the purchase of new flooring in the kitchen and bar as well as decorating these areas.

Why do you think it is A Grand Idea?

Digby War Memorial Hall is at the centre of our community and is a vital asset to a small, rural village with limited transport links. However the hall is showing its age and is in the middle of a comprehensive refurbishment. There is much to be done including updating and ensuring that both the bar area and kitchen are fit for purpose and available along with the rest of the hall for future generations. Preservation of the hall for our community is without a doubt ‘A Grand Idea’.

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