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What is a Community Treatment Order (CTO)?

A Community Treatment Order can be made if doctor decide that you have a mental illness which requires medical treatment to protect your or other people’s safety but the medical treatment can be provided without you being in hospital. A CTO is only necessary if your doctor thinks that they may need the power to recall you to hospital if you do not receive the treatment.

A CTO allows you to live in the community under certain conditions. These conditions include making yourself available for medical examination when needed. If you do not stick to the conditions, this can result in you being recalled to hospital and being detained under a section.

A CTO usually lasts for 6 months. If at the end of this period health professionals feel you need to be subject to the order for longer, it can be renewed.

How can I come off a Community Treatment Order?

Your doctor can discharge you at any time.

Your nearest relative can decide to discharge you. If they do, your doctor has 72 hours to decide whether they agree with your nearest relative or they disagree. If they disagree, you will remain subject to the CTO

Hospital Managers can discharge you from your CTO at a mangers’ meeting.

You can also be discharged by a Mental Health Tribunal. You have a right to appeal your CTO by asking for a tribunal once during your CTO period. A hearing takes place where a panel hear evidence from you and professionals involved with you. The Panel will then decide whether a CTO is still necessary for your care.

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