Breach of Contracts

A binding contract can arise in a wide range of every day issues, from using a car park to buying a house. Contracts do not always need to be in writing and terms are often implied.

Breach of Contracts

A breach of contract occurs when a party refuses or fails to honour their obligations arising from a binding contract. When that happens, there are a number of remedies available to the affected party including:

  • Damages – this is intended to put the claimant in the position they would have been had the contract been performed i.e. compensation for any loss suffered.
  • Specific performance – putting the parties in the position had they completed the contract (for example requiring one party to perform or complete the performance of his obligations under the contract)
  • Rescission – where the contract is set aside and the parties are restored to the position they would have been in had the contract never been made.
  • Rectification – where there has been a mistake in the contract this can be rectified by the Court (for example if a specific clause had been agreed between the parties but it was not added into the final contract)

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