Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

When we couldn’t find common ground, Ringrose Law helped us move forward.

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We place our emphasis on resolution, not dispute.

At Ringrose Law our skilled, dedicated and energetic Commercial Litigation team will guide you through those
troubled times with jargon free advice whenever possible. We place our emphasis on resolution, not dispute.

What services can we offer you?

Our dispute resolution experts are ready to advise you on a wide variety of business disputes and commercial
litigation including:

  • Commercial Contract Disputes
  • Corporate Shareholder Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Breach of Warranty Claims
  • Passing Off Actions
  • Professional Negligence Actions Claims
  • Construction Disputes
  • Insolvency including Bankruptcy, Winding Up and Tracing Claims
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Debt Recovery
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes

What will we do?

If you would like to talk to us about your civil dispute the first step is to contact one of our civil dispute resolution lawyers. We will listen to you to understand your case and work with you in taking the matter forward. We are also committed to discussing with our clients all funding options available to them, including:

  • Conditional Fee Agreements (no win, no fee agreements – CFAs);
  • Discounted Conditional Fee Agreements;
  • Fixed Fee Arrangements;
  • Contingency Fee Agreements;
  • Private Fee Paying Arrangements;
  • Before The Event Legal Expenses Cover.

Our Approach

Commercial litigation and business disputes can be extremely costly, time consuming and demanding. At Ringrose Law we pride ourselves on employing effective dispute resolution actions that move clients towards the result they want to achieve. If you have a dispute that you need to resolve, our specialist solicitors are here to help.