Our client was a victim of an accident abroad and found hope in speaking to our lawyers here at RingRose Law. An esteemed Personal Injury Solicitor, Jane, became an advocate, a champion for our client’s cause. Their journey together began with a free, no-obligation assessment, where Jane listened, understood, and then offered to represent our client on a “no win, no fee” basis.

From the outset, the odds seemed stacked against them. The tour operator, despite the evident distress and injury of the client, adamantly denied liability. The case evolved into a challenging battle, stretching over two years, with the company’s continued refusals to accept their role in the incident.

Jane held a steadfast belief that our client deserved justice and compensation and was prepared to take the matter to trial. Then, in a dramatic turn of events, in October 2010, a day before the trial, the tour company finally conceded their liability, ensuring the client received her well-deserved compensation of £2,500.

The client’s gratitude extended beyond the monetary settlement. She found in Jane not just a solicitor, but a pillar of support, a person who fought relentlessly for her rights. The journey was long, the battle tough, but with Jane by her side, justice wasn’t just a possibility; it was a guarantee.

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