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Your local experts in dealing with a Head Injury Claim or a Brain Injury Claim

Suffering from the effects of a head injury or brain injury can have a devastating effect on you and your family’s lives. At Ringrose Law we understand that and ensure that when pursuing a claim through us, we always advise you not only legally how best to deal with matters, but also, with the aid of medical experts, how the best rehabilitation for your head injury or brain injury can be provided. We are also very aware that support for you and your family is very important at this time and all our specialist solicitors will always put you first.

Research shows that on average 125,000 people each year suffer a head injury or brain injury, which require hospital admission. Head and brain injuries can arise in many ways:-

  • Accidents at Work
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Medical Negligence – click here for further information on Medical Negligence
  • Assault – click here for further information on Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims
  • Leisure and pastime activities

Our lawyers are very experienced in handling head injury and brain injury claims which can often be complex and time consuming. We handle such claims on a daily basis and therefore you can be confident that your head injury claim will be in good hands.

Our aim is to ensure that we achieve what you want. The client always comes first.

What can we do if you have a head injury claim?

Initially we can offer you a free assessment of any head injury claim. If we take your claim on we will seek to secure early rehabilitation for you as well as seeking to ensure that those at fault for your injury, admit responsibility. We will then organise the best medical evidence to support your claim for compensation using highly experienced experts across the country.

If possible we will then seek to settle your head injury claim, but only when it is right to do so, to ensure that we achieve maximum compensation for you. All of this is done with you and your choices at the forefront of our minds.

For other help and support you might also like to visit www.headway.org.uk ; www.ukabif.org.uk.

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