Motoring Offences

Driving With No Insurance

Driving With No Insurance

Recent statistics show that there are almost 2 million uninsured vehicles on the UK roads today. It is a very serious offence to be caught driving with no insurance.

To be found guilty of driving with no insurance the prosecution has to prove that you were driving a motor vehicle on a public road at the time of the alleged offence. Because this is a documentary offence it is up to you to prove that you have valid insurance, normally by producing your insurance documents to the Police or Court.

Things to watch out for!

One thing that catches a lot of people out is having use of a motor vehicle without insurance.

For example, if your vehicle is parked up on a public road outside your home (even if it is broken down) the Court will argue that you had the potential use of the vehicle and therefore if it is uninsured they may find you guilty of using the vehicle without insurance.

Therefore you must ensure any vehicles you have with no insurance policy are declared off road with the DVLA.

Another mistake people often make is understanding their own driving insurance policy. Often people believe they can drive another vehicle if they have full comprehensive cover insurance on their own vehicle. This is very rarely the case and you should read the details of your insurance thoroughly.

It is really important that you understand the terms of your insurance policy and you make sure each and every time you drive either your vehicle or someone else’s that you have the appropriate insurance in place.

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‘Special Reasons’ to not be prosecuted for driving with no insurance

The penalty for driving without insurance is either a driving disqualification or between 6 and 8 penalty points. However, there are circumstances where this can be reduced or where the court will impose no penalty. The court will need to be satisfied that there are Special Reasons. Examples include;

  • Driving when you genuinely believe that you are insured
  • Using a vehicle and you have been told by your employer that the vehicle is insured
  • Driving when your insurance company cancels the policy without notifying you

We have the expertise to be able to present these ‘special reasons’ to a court and typically reduce your penalty for driving with no insurance.

If you have been driving with no insurance?

If you have been driving with no insurance you could be faced with an endorsement of 6-8 penalty points on your driving licence or be disqualified from driving.

The police also has the power to confiscate your vehicle.

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