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At the Crown Court

Our team can represent you at the Magistrates Court if you are charged with an offence. If your case proceeds to the Crown Court we will fully prepare the case and instruct a Barrister. Alternatively, we have our own specialist solicitors who are qualified to attend and represent you at the Crown Court should you prefer a more personal level of service.

At Ringrose Law Solicitors we work closely with a number of sets of Barristers Chambers. We have our own in house Higher Court Advocate who frequently appears before the Crown Courts. You can make the choice if you wish to instruct a barrister or a solicitor with higher rights to represent you in Crown Court proceedings.

We also have an experienced team of paralegals that will assist in the preparation of your case under the guidance of your barrister or higher court advocate. They will help you through the process from applying for public funding through to discussing your fees if you are not eligible for Legal Aid.

Our team can;

  • Go through the evidence with you.
  • Liaise with defence witnesses to record statements.
  • Instruct professional experts.
  • Arrange meetings with your barrister/higher court advocate.
  • Attend court when required to assist at hearings or at trial.
  • Ensure that your case is prepared to the highest standard.

Our team can also guide you through the appeals process, should you be convicted or you believe that your sentence is excessive.

We can help

For further information or advice regarding the Crown Court, contact our team on 01522 561020.


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