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Financial Issues on Divorce

During the divorce procedure it is necessary to consider the financial aspects of the marital breakdown so that both parties can move on with their lives independently.

At Ringrose Law, we are able to advise you with regards to the law, legal entitlement and procedure. We can also advise as to whether any immediate action needs to be taken to protect assets or to bolster your position to ensure a more favourable settlement.

Throughout the financial process it is necessary to provide full and frank disclosure of all assets to either enable us to negotiate a settlement or, indeed, to assist the Court in the event that finances remain in dispute. We can advise as to the documentation required and we are also able to take steps to ensure that all necessary financial disclosure is secured from the other party and that financial disclosure is exchanged to prevent the other party from gaining any unfair advantage.

In the event that a financial agreement cannot be reached, a Family Court will settle any disputes in respect of money and/or property and the Court will make a Financial Order. Financial Orders can deal with the transfer of property, maintenance payments, lump sum payments and pensions etc. If a Pre-nuptial or Post-nuptial agreement has been put in place then this may assist the Court.
If an Application is made to the Court, we are able to advise and represent you throughout the process and prepare all documentation required by the Court. For information on the Court procedure please click on the following link: Steps in the Financial Application Procedure

In circumstances where the parties are not ready to proceed with a divorce, finances will need to be dealt with nevertheless, therefore, the exchange of financial disclosure will still be necessary albeit the result may simply be that a Separation Agreement is entered into.

If you need advice on finances we offer free clinics at all of our offices, therefore, please contact us to arrange a free consultation at an office local to you.


Follow this link to view a “Family Justice Council” document on Sorting out Finances on Divorce

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