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Driving Disqualification

Driving Disqualification

Receiving a driving disqualification can have a serious impact on your every day life. So it is so important to try and avoid a driving disqualification.

How can you be disqualified from driving?

You can receive a driving disqualification if;

  1. You are convicted of a driving offence
  2. If you receive 12 or more penalty points within 3 years

How long will my driving disqualification last?

This varies accord to the offence for which you have been disqualified. For the most serious offences, a driver can be disqualified for life.

If you receive more than 12 penalty points you can be faced with the following driving disqualification

  • Six months if you get 12 penalty points or more within three years
  • 12 months if you get 2nd disqualification within three years
  • Two years if you get a 3rd disqualification

Will a driving disqualification increase my insurance?

There are insurance companies who will insure you after your driving disqualification, however you can expect to pay higher premiums after a driving conviction of any nature

What happens if I am caught driving when I already have a ban?

More and more people nowadays are caught driving when they already have bans. Police Officers use devices called ‘Automatic Vehicle Registration Recognition System’s’ which simply scan a car registration and allows the police to see if the car is taxed, insured, MOT and who the registered keeper is.

If it is you and you already have a driving ban you will face being charged and this can lead to a prison sentence.

If the ban is recent, or if you have previous convictions for similar offences, a prison sentence is likely. You should speak to us as soon as possible to discuss matters properly.

How soon can I apply for a removal of disqualification?

In order to make an application for early removal of a driving disqualification a disqualified driver must make an application in writing to the court that disqualified them, explaining why they think they should have their driving disqualification removed. This is something that we can help you with.

We can help

It is our job to help you avoid a driving disqualification. Depending on your conviction, we can work with you in reducing your charge to points and a fine rather than a disqualification. We can also help you avoid a ban from totting up by helping you claim exceptional hardship. Whatever your concern maybe we can provide you with advice and where necessary act on your behalf to avoid any driving disqualification.

For more information and advice call 0845 601 2664.

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