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Often when you are selling a house you are also buying a new property

We will keep both transactions moving at the same pace. In relation to the sale:-

  1. We will obtain your deeds either from your mortgage lender or where you had them stored. If your deeds are with a mortgage lender we will need the mortgage account number from you.
  2. You will be given a set of documents to complete about the property. These will include what items you will either be taking or leaving behind. These will be forwarded to your buyer and they can rely on the contents of the documents.
  3. Our team will prepare a contract, the document that sets out the details of the sale, and send this to the buyers solicitors together with evidence of how you own the property and the forms mentioned in paragraph 2 above.
  4. We will then deal with any questions that the buyers solicitors have. We may need your help with these, for example are you selling the washing machine, do you have the planning permission for your extension.
  5. The team will arrange for you to sign the contract and discuss when you would like to move. We do have to agree the date with all other people in the chain. This doesn’t usually create a problem.
  6. Exchange of contracts – this is when a deposit is paid and the purchaser is legally committed to buy your house on the agreed completion date.
  7. On completion we pass over the deeds to your buyers solicitors and receive the sale money from them. We will then pay off any mortgage you have, if any, and also any estate agency costs and our fees before sending any balance to you or transferring it to your purchase file.

For more help and advice on Selling a House please contact your nearest Ringrose Law Office.

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