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How do No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors work?

A No Win No Fee agreement is the most common way of funding a personal injury claim. It is an agreement between a solicitor and their client that, if the claim is unsuccessful the client will not pay a penny towards their solicitors’ legal costs.

To protect you from any adverse costs against you, we do recommend that you take out an insurance policy called “after the event insurance”. In situations where your claim is unsuccessful, this insurance would help cover you if the other party attempt to recover their legal costs from you.

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If I win, do I have to pay?

If your claim is successful then the other side will pay your basic legal charges and disbursements.

We will also charge a success fee which is not recoverable from the other side and will be payable out of your damages.

However, this is capped to a maximum of 25% of your damages.

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Will I have to pay anything if I lose?

If your claim is abandoned, or you lose at court, Ringrose Law will not get paid (No win no fee).

To protect you from the Defendant’s costs (for example if they hire a solicitor to act for them) we always recommend that an insurance policy (known as after the event insurance) is taken out. This will pay their costs and any disbursements associated arising out of the claims process.

Insurance for No Win, No Fee Solicitors

Do not worry about the insurance premium. It’s deferred until the end of the claim.

If we, unfortunately, have to abandon your claim, or you lose at court, the policy covers the Defendant’s costs and disbursements. But the premium writes itself off.

If you win your claim then the premium will be payable from your damages.

How can Ringrose Law help?

You have been involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault contact us, and if we feel you have a good claim. We will be able to pursue it on a no win no fee basis. So win or lose there is nothing to pay.

Ringrose Law understands what you need. The free help of a specialist personal injury law solicitors Lincolnshire, with offices in Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Sleaford and Newark. Home appointments and video calls are also possible.

Contact us through live chat, email or phone and a member of our expert team will be able to help you.


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    You do not have to use a No Win, No Fee agreement. Whilst most personal injury claims are fought on a No Win, No Fee agreement, there is no obligation for you to take it. Other payment methods can be discussed and agreed upon with your solicitor before starting your case.

    Up to 25%.

    If your case is successful, then your legal fees will be paid for by the defendant.

    We will also charge a success fee. This cannot be claimed from the defendant. It is calculated from the total damages you receive. We cap the amount of the success fee to a maximum of 25% of your damages.

    No Win, No Fee cases are no more successful or unsuccessful than any other type of case or payment method. The difference is that if your case is unsuccessful, or we abandon your case, you will not have to pay your legal fees.

    If we believe a case would be unsuccessful, we would inform you early on.

    If you lose your case, or we abandon it, you will not have to pay any of your legal fees.

    However, the other side may decide to claim their legal fees against you. This is why it is strongly recommended to take out insurance to cover this possibility.

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