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Britain’s roads are busy, and cyclists are often the most vulnerable. Not only from drivers and other vehicles, but also from potholes and poor road conditions.

According to a report published by, there were 16,294 cycling accident in the UK in 2020.

11,983 of those accidents were minor, 4,215 were serious, and sadly, 141 were fatal.

So, if you or a loved one have suffered an injury while cycling, you might be eligible to claim compensation. Not only that, but we can also help you get the treatment and support you need to get back in the saddle.

At Ringrose Law, many of our personal injury solicitors are keen cyclists. This gives us a unique understanding of what it is to make a cycling accident claim. Not only as solicitors, but also as the victim of an injury.

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Am I Eligible to Claim Compensation For a Cycling Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a cycling accident where someone else was as fault, you could claim compensation.

The most common causes of cycling accidents that result in compensation claims include;

  • Road traffic accidents – where the driver of another vehicle is at fault, either fully or partially.
  • Car door collisions – where a driver opens their car door without checking in their mirrors first.
  • Poor road conditions – potholes and other road defects from a lack of maintenance. Either from the local council or highways agency.
  • Accidents involving animals – such as dogs, horses, and cattle, where the owner is at fault.

Cycling accidents happen in lot of ways. If the circumstances that led to your accident were different to those listed above, you could still have a claim. So contact us today.

Can I Make a Bike Accident Claim On Behalf of Someone Else?


Most cycling accidents are minor and might result in cuts, bruises or broken bones.

Unfortunately though, they can result in spinal or brain injuries that the victim unable to make a claim themselves. In which case, you might need to claim on their behalf.

In the worst cases, cycling accidents can be fatal. You might need to claim to help you process and come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For a Bike Accident?

At this stage, it’s impossible to say how much compensation you’ll get.

When calculating how much your claim is worth, we’ll consider;

  • The severity of your injuries – the more serious the injury, the bigger the impact it’s likely to have on your life.
  • Financial losses – like current and future lost earnings if you’re unable to work. This includes wages, overtime, commission, and pension contributions.
  • Out of pocket expenses – including travel costs if you’re unable to drive, medical prescriptions etc.
  • Property damage – in most cases this includes your bike helmet and cycling gear. However, it also includes bags, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, watches, and jewellery.
  • Medical care and rehabilitation – both immediate and in the future. This includes psychological trauma.
  • Ongoing care and support – medical treatment, physiotherapy, mobility aids and/or adaptations to your home or car.

What we can tell you is that we’re specialists in cycling claims and we work hard to claim the maximum amount of compensation.

To get a more accurate idea of how much you could claim, contact us today.

How Long Do Cycle Accident Claims Take?

Again, it’s impossible to say as all claims are different.

Simple cases can take 12-18 months to settle. These often involve minor injuries, and the other side accepts liability early on.

However, if your case is complex, your injuries significant, and the other side refuses to accept the blame, it could take years to settle.

The more serious the injuries, the longer a claim will take. This is because we need to understand the full extent of;

  1. Your injuries, and
  2. The impact the have had and will have on the rest of your life

This takes time and settling too early could result in your claim being undervalued.

If the other side accepts liability, we can sometimes claim, ‘interim payments’. These payments help cover the cost of immediate treatment and relieve the financial pressures of not being able to work.

In cases where there is potential criminal liability, we may have to await the outcome of criminal proceedings before the police release any evidence.

How Long Have I Got to Make a Cycling Accident Claim?

In most cases, you have three years in which to make a bicycle accident claim.

That said, there are three exceptions to this rule;

  1. Claiming on behalf of a child – you can claim on behalf of a child at any point until their 18th birthday. Once they reach the age of 18, they have three years in which to file a claim themselves.
  2. Claiming on behalf of someone who lacks mental capacity – there are no time limits.
  3. Claiming on behalf of a loved one who died – you have three years, either from the date of their death, or the date of any post-mortem results.

Can I Make a No Win, No Fee Claim?

We handle most cycling claims on a no win, no fee basis.

This means you are never at any financial risk. You won’t have to pay anything in advance, and you won’t have anything to pay if your claim isn’t successful.

When you claim is successful, the other side pays most of the legal fees. After that, we’ll deduct any other costs from your settlement.

We will always keep you up to date of any fees so there will never be any nasty surprises.

No Win, No Fee Claims

We can pursue most cycling claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. Get in touch and start your claims with no financial risk.0333 3580 393

Why Choose Ringrose Law For Your Cycling Claim?

Two of our directors and personal injury lawyers, John Knight and Richard Teare are keen cyclists and experts in their field.

Before becoming a solicitor, Richard was a National Junior Champion cyclist. He spent much of his time training with Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish.

John has been a keen cyclist (both on and off road) for many years.

Both John and Richard are members of the Lincoln Velo Club and take part in the annual Lincoln C2C2C 100 mile bike ride. This takes place from Lincoln to the coast and back again.

This gives us a unique understanding of what cyclists go through on the roads every day. It’s this understanding that makes us experts when it comes to cycling accident claims.

Not only will we get you the compensation you need. We can also help you access the best medical treatment and support you on your road to recovery.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You might still be able to claim if you were partly at fault. That said, the amount of compensation award will reflect your level of blame.

    For example, if it’s deemed that you’re 25% liable, that 25% will be deducted from your settlement. So, if the overall claim is worth £20,000, 25% of that, or £5,000 will be deducted, leaving you with £15,000.

    If your cycling accident was a hit and run, you can still make a claim.

    We’ll need to try to find out who was responsible. If we can’t, we can help you claim via the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB).

    The Highway Code strongly encourages the use of cycle helmets., That said, there is no legal requirement in England, Scotland, or Wales to do so.

    There is no law that states that failing to wear a helmet means you can’t make a claim. However, it’s a factor that could be taken into consideration when deciding how much compensation you’ll be awarded.

    If an uninsured driver was at fault in your cycling accident, you might be able to claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau.

    They will try to identify those involved and decide whether compensation due. They will also decide who pays it.

    If they can’t trace the person(s) responsible, the MIB will pay the compensation.

    Drivers are often hostile towards cyclists. If your accident was deliberately caused as the result of road rage for example, you may have a claim.

    We can help you claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

    It’s a legal requirement to have a;

    • White front light, and
    • Red rear light switched on, as well as
    • A red reflector

    When it’s dark.

    Also, all bikes manufactured after 1st October 1985 must have amber pedal reflectors.

    If you fail to have proper lights and reflectors fitted, you’ll be less visible in the dark and poor weather conditions. This will be considered when deciding how much compensation you’ll be awarded.

    Whole lights and reflectors are a legal requirement, hi vis-clothing isn’t. That said, not wearing it can make you less visible to other road users in the dark and poor conditions.

    If your bike is fitted with lights and reflectors, a lack of hi-vis clothing shouldn’t affect your claim.

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