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Agriculture, horticulture and the Food sector is a key and vital industry in Lincolnshire with an estimated value to the County of approximately £1050 million in 2006 with approximately 32,000 people directly employed.

(Lincolnshire Forum for Agriculture and Horticulture)

Whilst this number may have decreased since 2006 due to the ever changing world of technology, this can also present more of a risk with accidents in the sector.

Occupiers of farm and agricultural land have both a duty of care to workers who use the land as well as members of the public. They have to ensure health and safety standards are complied with and workers are adequately trained. The training includes the use of machinery and the handling of animals and chemicals.

A farming accident claim can not only be made by an employee if there is an accident whilst at work. Land owners also have a duty of care to anyone else on a working farm including guests and visitors.

Farming accident claims

There are many potential hazards within the farming environment, and even the most experienced farm workers could fall victim to an accident when carrying out their day to day duties.

Many members of our team have experience within the farming, equestrian and agricultural environment. Our team have had experience in dealing with a wide range of farming accident claims. Claims including vehicle accidents, machinery accidents, livestock accidents, exposure to chemicals and harmful substances and many more.

Our team are highly experienced in dealing with farming claims and the complex nature of such claims.

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