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Criminal Injury Compensation Claim

Who can make a criminal injury compensation claim?

Anyone who has been the victim of a violent crime can apply for a Criminal Injury Compensation Claim. The offender does not have to be convicted nor in some circumstances even identified.

Innocent victims of violent crimes have been able to claim compensation ever since the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Scheme was established in 1964.

The compensation scheme is a government-funded body. It was set up to compensate victims of crime and violence in England and Wales. Compensation for criminal injury claims are subject to certain qualifying criteria

If you or a family member have been the victim of any type of violence or physical attack, you must contact the police immediately. This will also help us recover the criminal injury compensation claim you deserve.

At Ringrose Law, we have a specialist department that can help victims of criminal injuries recover compensation awards.

Can Ringrose Law help my Criminal Injury Compensation Claim?

If you have suffered an injury from an act of crime we can work with you to help recover any loss of earnings you may have.

By using a personal injury lawyer, you get access to their experience in managing compensation claims. This means we will know whether you are receiving the appropriate amount of compensation you deserve. If you are not, we can help negotiate to ensure that you are.

As well as getting supporting in your compensation claims, our personal injury solicitors can use their network of medical experts. This can be used to help you get the support you need to recover from the distressing experience. Support offered can be both physical and mental rehahilitation.

What should I do next?

At Ringrose Law, your case can be taken on under a Contingency Fee Agreement (in other words; No Win, No Fee). This ensures peace of mind that at the end of the claim, should your claim not be successful, there will be no costs.

If you think you have a criminal injury compensation claim within the last two years and could claim compensation for a criminal injury, or require our assistance in any way, please contact our Personal Injury lawyers.

Claim a free initial consultation with our Personal Injury team. Here, your voice will be heard. You’ll be asked simple questions to allow us to understand the events around your claim. From here, you’ll can then decided whether you would like us to represent and help you claim your compensation.

Call us today on 0333 3580 393 or send us a message on our live chat to arrange your free consultation.


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