Joint Replacement Compensation Claim

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Joint replacements are one of the most common and successful procedures that take place every day in our hospitals. However, it can be devastating if something goes wrong, whether it be a knee, hip or smaller joint replacement, if surgery does go wrong you may have be entitled to proceed with a joint replacement compensation claim.

Joint Replacement Compensation Claim

Whether performed by the NHS or privately, if something does go wrong you have the right to make a joint replacement compensation claim.

It can lead to further complications including further operations, significant impairments, disability or even amputation.

This is why it is important to seek legal advice from one of our team straight away. We will then advise you fully and guide you through the claim process if we believe you have reasonable prospects of bringing a successful joint replacement compensation claim.

A joint replacement compensation claim can be brought against anyone that has treated you, and must be brought to court within three years (in rare cases you can exceed this) of the date you first knew, or could reasonably have been expected to know, that you had suffered a significant injury caused by someone else’s negligent acts or omissions. In the case of a child the three years runs from their 18th birthday.

What can I claim for?

If you have been the victim of a joint replacement operation that has gone wrong, you may be entitled to make a claim, allowing you to claim compensation for the pain and suffering caused.

You can also claim any out of pocket expenses that you have suffered, this could include; loss of earnings, prescription charges and travel expenses.

If you have needed help from family and friends around the house, with day to day chores or if they have had to provide you with personal care, you can claim for their time too.

We can help

If your joint replacement surgery has gone wrong and you would like to make a joint replacement compensation claim then contact our medical negligence team now. We are happy to offer a free initial appointment.

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