Have You Suffered Illness or Injury as a Result of Medical Negligence?

This could be;

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Poor or incorrect treatment, or
  • Surgical errors

Our medical negligence solicitors can help you claim the compensation you need to get the best possible support and secure your financial future.

Mr Lamb's Story: How We Secured a Life Changing Settlement in His Medical Negligence Claim

Our head of Medical Negligence, John Knight first met Mr Lamb in 2014. John heard how Mr Lamb had been left paralysed from the chest down in 2012.

Doctors had failed to diagnose or correctly treat his severe onset of spinal stenosis.

John and the team at Ringrose Law fought hard for five years to represent Mr Lamb. The case was settled in 2020 at a joint settlement meeting. He was awarded a settlement that allowed him to purpose build a new home for his specific care needs and we were confident would look after him for the rest of his life.

Mr Lamb said;

“My experience with Ringrose right from day one was like it was meant to be. It was fate. The whole experience of working with John was a pleasure. There were many complex problems to solve, but John always explained things in a manner we could always clearly understand and in the end, we achieved a fantastic result. John was our Solicitor to start with but is now our friend.

The Settlement we received allowed us to start the next stage of our life, giving us a lifestyle that incorporated my paralysis.

Myself and my family thank Ringrose Law and John for everything they have done to help us, the future’s bright.”

Read Mr Lamb’s Full Story

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is also known as clinical negligence. It refers to poor care towards patients from medical professionals.

Medical negligence can;

  1. Cause a new injury or condition, or
  2. Result in making an existing injury or condition even worse

Medical negligence claims include;

  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
  • Delays in treatment and incorrect treatment
  • Surgical errors and
  • Failure to gain consent

Types of Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is a big subject and there are many different types, including;

And many more.

Am I Eligible to Make a Medical Negligence Claim?

Because these types of claims can be complex, you might not know for definite if you’re eligible to claim.

So, if you believe that poor care has led to;

  1. A new injury or condition, or
  2. A current injury or condition getting worse

Contact our medical negligence solicitors today.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For Medical Negligence?

It’s impossible to say how much your medical negligence claim is worth as every case is different.

The amount of compensation you’ll get depends on;

  • The type and severity of your injuries
  • How much pain and suffering you’ve gone through
  • The effects on your everyday life
  • Loss of earnings
  • Expenses you’ve incurred
  • Future pain, suffering, loss of earning and expenses

Rest assured, our experienced medical negligence solicitors will secure the maximum amount of compensation.

Can I Make a No Win, No Fee Claim?

We handle most medical negligence claims on a no win, no fee basis. This means there is no financial risk to you.

There’s nothing to pay upfront and if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t pay a penny.

If you win your case, most of the other side will pay most of your legal fees. Any other fees will come out of your compensation.

We’ll keep you up to date of any and all the fees you can expect to pay. So, you’ll always know how much you’re likely to receive.

Why Choose Ringrose Law to Handle Your Medical Negligence Claim?

At Ringrose Law, our motto is, ‘Where individuals count’.

Every person we represent is an individual, with individual experiences and needs. That way we take an individual approach to every medical negligence claim.

That’s why, when you instruct us to represent you, we’ll;

  1. Assign you an experienced medical negligence solicitor – to look after you case, from start to finish.
  2. Give you direct their direct contact details – you’ll be able to get in touch with your solicitor whenever you need to.
  3. Help you access the best possible treatment – from medical care to physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

We’re also flexible in how we work with you.

If you like a more personal relationship with your solicitor, you can call us or visit us at our offices. In some cases, we can visit you, either at home or in hospital.

Regardless, at Ringrose Law we work hard to claim the maximum amount of compensation for our clients.

It’s a relief that this process is finally coming to a close. I would like to sincerely thank you for taking on this case, and believing in me and the medical negligence that resulted in my injury. Your guidance has been invaluable.

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    Further Advice


    In most cases, there is a three-year time limit for medical negligence claims. This time limit is from;

    • The date you received negligent treatment, or
    • The date you became aware that negligent treatment was the cause of your condition or injury

    That said, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule;

    1. Child claims – you have until your child’s 18th birthday to claim on your child’s behalf.
    2. Mental capacity – there are no time limits for claiming on behalf of someone who lacks the mental capacity to make a claim themselves.

    Regardless of time limits though, it’s best to contact us as soon as you can. This will make it easier for us to gather the evidence we need for a successful claim. It also means we can help you access the treatment you need early on

    For a medical negligence claim to be successful, you must prove two things;

    Breach of Duty

    You must prove that the medical professional in charge of your treatment either;

    • Did something, or
    • Failed to do something

    That no other competent practitioner would have done or failed to do. This is called the ‘establishment of liability’.


    You must also prove that this breach of duty caused you to suffer in a way that you wouldn’t have done if you had received the correct treatment.

    This is why we’ll ask you to attend a medical examination with an independent medical expert(s) who have specialist knowledge

    1. In the area of medicine relevant to your treatment, and
    2. The injury and/or conditions you have suffered are and suffering

    Without this evidence, we can’t pursue your claim.

    The time it takes to reach a settlement depends on the severity and complexity of the claim.

    Some cases can take a matter of months. Others which involve serious injuries and conditions can take years to settle. This is because we need to understand how your injury or condition will affect the rest of your life.

    Another fact that will affect how long a claim takes, is whether the other side accepts liability.

    As part of our evidence gathering process, we need to establish the type and severity of your injuries or condition.

    In order to do this, you’ll need to have a medical assessment with an independent medical expert. They will prepare a report that we can use in evidence.

    Depending on the type and severity, you might need more than one assessment.

    The majority of medical negligence claims don’t end up in court. However, there are two reasons why it would;

    1. The other side refuses to accept liability
    2. They dispute the amount of compensation being claimed

    Even if we do start court proceedings, it’s common for the other side to settle before trial.

    It’s unlikely that your case will go to court but still, it’s natural to worry about it. If this does happen, rest assured, our solicitors will be by your side to guide you through the whole process.

    It is possible to make a claim against the NHS.

    However, unlike private healthcare providers (including some hospitals and Dentist Surgeries), the claim is not made to the individual healthcare provider. Instead, the claim is brought against the NHS Trust that was responsible.

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