Spinal Injury Claims

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We have an experienced team specialising in severe spinal injury claims.

A Spinal Injury can be one of the most severe injuries a person can suffer from, and can have serious long-term effects on aa individual’s future. In some cases a spinal injury can have an effect on a persons ability to work or gain employment in the future, it can also involve a lengthy and intense period of rehabilitation and medical care.

At Ringrose Law, we have acted for many victims of spinal injuries, obtaining compensation awards that will ensure that the Claimant will be able to live in as comfortable manner as possible for the rest of their lives.

We understand the horrifying nature of a spinal injury and we work very closely with rehabilitation providers to provide the best possible care for you which is essential in the early days following an accident.

What are the most common causes of Spinal Injury Claims?

The most common causes of spinal injuries are from;

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Spinal injuries sustained in the workplace
  • Slips, trips or falls
  • Sports-related spinal cord damage

At Ringrose Law we have acted on spinal injury claims for the following clients:-

  • Those who have fallen from gantries fracturing their back.
  • Those who have been involved in head on collisions resulting in permanent paralysis.
  • Those with severe spinal injuries that have occurred as a consequence of violent acts which have resulted in the claimant becoming paralysed or suffering severe injuries.

What can we do to help?

If you think you have a case or require further assistance with spinal injury claims please do not hesitate to contact us. Our spinal injury lawyers will thoroughly asses the details of your case, providing you with initial advice and support whilst advising you on the best course of action to take forward. We will work with you to ensure you obtain compensation for your injuries and for any rehabilitation or healthcare you need.

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