Our client sustained nasty injuries to her Achilles tendon due to a defective bed at her holiday complex abroad. The pain and sudden shock of the injury cast a cloud over what should have been a time of relaxation and joy.

When the injured traveller returned, she found a ray of hope in Jane Welburn, a seasoned Personal Injury Solicitor at Ringrose. Jane provided an initial consultation free of charge and recognising the injustice and the negligence involved, Jane took up the case on a “no win, no fee” basis.

The tour company, despite the evident negligence, brazenly denied any liability. But Jane was undeterred, and Jane’s relentless efforts bore fruit when not only did Jane secure a considerable settlement of £16,000 for our client, but also the tour company finally owned up to their oversight and admitted their fault.

For our client, this wasn’t just about compensation. It was a validation, an acknowledgment of the pain and inconvenience she had endured. The journey from pain to justice had been long, but with Jane by her side, she felt heard, vindicated, and supported. Jane’s satisfaction was ensuring that justice prevailed.

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