Hayley Taylor, Legal Executive (Graduate) at Ringrose Law has successfully negotiated a settlement in the sum of £1,750 for an accident victim client who tripped and fell over a pavement defect causing him to sustain visible facial injuries that spoke louder than just physical pain.

Hayley’s reputation for justice is only eclipsed by her empathy for her clients. With a deft understanding of the situation and the complexities surrounding such incidents, she championed her client’s case with unwavering dedication.

The client’s heart, previously weighed down by the distress of the accident, lightened considerably with Hayley’s victory. His gratitude for the settlement was evident, but more so was his appreciation for having Hayley in his corner, fighting for his rights.

Yet, this story is more than just a victorious settlement. It’s a call to those who’ve been wronged, a beacon of hope signalling that the Personal Injury team at Ringrose Law are ready to champion your cause. If the harsh winds of misfortune have ever knocked you down, do not hesitate. Reach out and let us be the helping hand that pulls you back to your feet

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