Our client, represented by Tony Freitas, was accused of owning 3 dogs dangerously out of control in the garden of a block of flats. The gravity of their actions came to the forefront when an elderly resident was bitten.

The charges against the owner were clear: she had allowed her dogs to become dangerously uncontrollable. Yet, as she admitted her oversight, her main worry was the Destruction Order asked for by the Crown Prosecution Service against one or all of the dogs. The thought of losing her furry family members to such a drastic measure was devastating.

Tony Freitas, sensing the depth of her bond with the dogs and understanding the weight of the situation, stepped up with a blend of professionalism and compassion. He recognized that beyond legal arguments, there existed a genuine concern for life. Rather than focusing solely on the legalities, Tony proposed a merciful alternative: a Control Order. This would demand strict guidelines from the owner, ensuring safety and discipline, but it would mean the dogs wouldn’t have to pay the ultimate price for one unfortunate incident.

As the Magistrates heard Tony’s compelling argument, they sensed the owner’s genuine remorse and commitment to ensuring such an episode would never replay. The Control Order was granted, and the dreaded Destruction Order averted.

This journey from a garden’s unfortunate incident to a courtroom’s beacon of hope epitomizes the power of skilled representation. Tony Freitas didn’t just champion the law; he championed life, love, and second chances.

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