This week, the Personal Injury Department at Ringrose Law celebrated a significant victory for an employee against a major supermarket. The triumph wasn’t just monetary, but it was one of justice, vindication, and acknowledgment.

Our client was ordered to unpack a delivery which had been packed in accordance with work regulations.  However, her Team Leader over-rode the computer system that ensured that all orders complied with safety regulations and doubled the weight that she was required to lift, breaching the supermarket’s own regulations and the Workplace Regulations and putting our client at a serious risk of injury.

She hesitated, feeling the weight too much for her to bear. To safeguard herself, she reported her concerns to her supervisor. Instead of understanding or providing assistance, she was met with a forceful command to continue. Tragically, this decision led directly to our client suffering a severe lower back injury.

While the supermarket did recognize their fault early on, they initially insinuated that our client shared part of the blame. The argument was that she should have defied her supervisor’s instructions. It took some time, but reason prevailed. The supermarket finally recognized that our client, vulnerable in her position, was not to blame. They acknowledged their full liability.

We wish our client all the best for the future.

If you or someone you know faces a similar workplace ordeal, know that you’re not alone. Contact your nearest Ringrose Law office in Lincoln, Grantham, Boston, Sleaford, or Newark and ask for the Personal Injury Team.

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