Accident at Work Compensation

Ringrose Law is delighted to have acted for a client who was severely injured in her workplace at McDonald’s Restaurants.

A dangerous object carelessly left on the floor by a fellow employee dramatically changed the life of another. As this employee unknowingly stepped on it, she slipped and fell with a force that damaged her knee. This wasn’t a simple fall; the extent of her injuries demanded extensive remedial surgery.

What should’ve been a straightforward claim turned into a prolonged three-year battle. Throughout, McDonald’s consistently attempted to shift the blame onto our client, suggesting she bore some responsibility for not noticing the hazard. But we at Ringrose Law remained unmoved. It became evident that the offending item had been hidden around a corner, making it virtually impossible for our client to spot and avoid. Our dedication paid off; not only did McDonald’s concede, but our client also secured 100% of her compensation without bearing any fault for the incident.

At the conclusion of the claim, our client was kind enough to write to us in the following terms: “ – thank you for all your time, help and support. At a most difficult time, you were always there to help! It is very much appreciated – thanks.“

If you, or someone you know, finds themselves uncertain after a workplace accident, wondering about the road to compensation, our dedicated Personal Injury team at Ringrose Law is here to help. We offer free assessments that not only provide clarity but also empower individuals to make informed decisions. For further information or to book a free assessment, contact us on 01522 561020.


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