At Grantham Magistrates Court last week, Giles Tyas from Ringrose Law Road Traffic Defence Team assisted an Employer who had fallen foul of the law by allowing an Employee to drive his Company vehicle without valid insurance.

Our client had insurance for his Employees who were named on his policy to drive his vehicles, however this particular employee was not a regular driver and was not named on the policy, the employee claimed to have had his own insurance and had on a previous occasion produced paperwork to prove this to our Client. Unfortunately the employee’s policy was cancelled through no fault of his own and he was stopped driving without valid insurance which left our client facing a charge of 6 penalty points for allowing someone to drive his vehicle without valid insurance.

Our client already had 6 points on his licence and if he had received a further 6 for driving without valid insurance, he would have been eligible for a ban for “totting up” to 12 points and so this naturally was causing him great concern, his lifestyle and business would have been severely affected if he lost his licence.

He received advice prior to the hearings and representation at Court from Giles Tyas who by using a technical argument and presenting evidence to the Court managed to persuade the Judge on the day not to put any points on our client’s driving licence.

This was an exceptional result and the client was delighted with the service from the team at Ringrose Law.

If you are facing losing your licence or have been caught driving without valid insurance then contact our team, for further information go to

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