At Grantham Magistrates Court last week, Giles Tyas from our specialist Road Traffic Team represented a long distance lorry driver. He had been caught speeding at a very low level but unfortunately already had 9 penalty points on his licence meaning he would be automatically lose his driving licence for 6 months unless a technical argument called an “exceptional hardship argument” was successfully made to the Court.

Giles Tyas discussed the case with our client beforehand, advised him as to what evidence would be needed to make this argument and what preparations to make and then represented him in Court and made the argument on his behalf.

Having heard from Giles, the Court granted the exceptional hardship argument and decided that our client should not be disqualified from driving. It is not an understatement to say that this decision was hugely important for our client who would have lost his job if he was disqualified which would have led to severe financial hardship, possible loss of his home and also a lack of ability to care for his wife who was unwell. He was extremely grateful for the services of Giles Tyas and Ringrose Law’s Specialist Road Traffic Team.

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