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Being discriminated against because of your age is unlawful. It can also leave you feeling upset, embarrassed, and angry.

If you have been the victim of discrimination because of your age, we can get justice.

Have You Been Discriminated Against?

If so, we can help you make positive change and maybe claim compensation. The first step is to fill in our questionnaire. We'll then review it and call you back to discuss your claim.Go to Questionnaire

What is Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination is when someone treats you worse or you are placed at a disadvantage because of your age.

Discrimination could be;

  • A single direct act, or
  • A policy or rule that that results in unfair treatment

Regardless of whether it is intentional or not, discrimination is unlawful.

Types of Age Discrimination

There are four types of age discrimination;

Direct Discrimination

Is when someone treats you worse because of your age.

An example might be the owner of a bed and breakfast charging more for people under 21 because she thinks they will make a mess.

Indirect Discrimination 

This when a rule or policy that should apply to everyone but treats those in certain age brackets unfairly.

For example, a community centre that creates a group for people between 40-50 years old to do crafts.

Discrimination by Association

Is when you’re discriminated against because you are with someone of a certain age.

An example might be a sports club refusing entry because you are with a younger person.

Discrimination by Perception

Is when someone discriminates against you because they believe you are of a certain age.

For example, if a college refuses access to a class because staff believe you are older or younger than you are.

Who Can I Make An Age Discrimination Claim Against?

You can claim against any person, company or organisation that provides a service to the public. This includes, but isn’t limited to;

  • Shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Gyms and spa’s
  • Leisure centres
  • Travel agents and holiday companies
  • Public and private hire transport companies
  • Local councils and public bodies
  • Private clubs
  • Central government

How Long Do I Have to Make a Claim?

You have six months, less one day from the date your discrimination took place in which to make a claim.

This limitation period is very short so if you want to make a claim, you should get in touch as soon as possible.

How to Bring a Claim For Age Discrimination

If you think you have suffered discrimination because of your age, you may have a claim.

Many discrimination claims are straightforward and have positive outcomes. However, some are long, complex, and stressful.

If you are considering a claim, get in touch and we will take some details about your experience. We will also ask if you have any evidence to support your claim. This could include;

  • Written documents – these could be letters, emails, and text messages.
  • Voice and video recordings – including voicemails, voice notes, telephone recordings and/or video recordings
  • Witness statements – if anyone saw your discrimination tale place, we could use their statements
  • Your own, personal statement – If the discrimination happened in a conversation or in a way you can’t record, we may be able to use your own statement.

Once we have all this information, we can let you know if there is a claim we can pursue. If you have a claim, we will explain the process and talk you through the next steps.

Have You Been Descriminated Against?

If so, we can help you make positive change and maybe claim compensation.0333 3580 393

Why Choose Ringrose Law?

Our expert team have represented both individuals and acted in cases that affected thousands of people.

We have claimed against private companies, councils, and even central government.

As result, we see how discrimination affects people. Leaving them upset, embarrassed and angry, often having a profound effect on their mental health.

If you have suffered discrimination because of your age, we are on your side. We can help bring justice and create lasting change so that others don’t experience what you have. In some cases, we can even claim compensation.

How can we help?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    On average, it takes 6-12 months to settle for claims to reach a conclusion. However, this varies case by case.

    Simple cases with lots of supporting evidence, or where the other side accepts liability, could settle quickly.

    Complex cases that involve a campaign of discrimination, or where the other side refuses to admit fault can take as long as three years.

    You may be able to claim compensation although this depends on a case-by-case basis.

    If we do claim compensation, it will be on the grounds of;

    • Injury to feelings – this is the emotional distress you have suffered
    • Personal injury – this includes physical and psychological trauma you have suffered

    It is rare that a claim goes to court.

    In the almost all cases, we can reach a settlement through negotiation. If we are not able to reach a settlement, we could take your case to court. However, this is a last resort.

    If we do take your claim to court, we will make sure you are fully prepared and be right by your side. You won’t face it alone.

    There are a few ways to fund a discrimination claim;

    • Through existing insurance policies – An existing home or car insurance policy might have legal cover included. Some insurance companies include it as standard, other charged an extra fee.
    • No win no fee – You could also pursue a claim using a no win, no fee agreement. This doesn’t cost anything to start, and you won’t have to pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful. You’ll only have to pay when your claim is successful.
    • Private finds – if the first two choices aren’t an option, you could choose to pay to pursue the claim yourself.
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    How can we help?

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