The Ringrose Law Lincolnshire Road Traffic Team can be frequently found at the local Magistrates Courts fighting to save clients driving licences. Whether it is for drink driving, driving without insurance, been speeding too many times or any other reason we can always assist.

In this case, Giles Tyas Head of the Lincolnshire Road Traffic Team was at Grantham Magistrates Court with a lady who had been distracted by her baby being ill in the car with her and not been as careful as she should have been about her speed on the A1. She had accepted the offence of speeding and thought she would receive the standard 3 penalty points and £60 fine as her licence was clean.

Unfortunately at the time she committed this offence she had 9 penalty points on her licence and so was actually in line for a driving ban for a period of 6 months.

She had an area supervisor role in her job which she would have lost if she lost her licence and she had moved to a rural location with poor transport links. Giles represented her, advised her as to the procedure and what evidence she should gather to make an “exceptional hardship” argument to try and keep her licence. Giles went with her to Court and conducted the hearing for her, presenting the evidence and making the argument to the Court that she should be allowed to continue to drive. The Court agreed and the client was allowed to keep her driving licence to her and her Employers great relief!

If you are facing a totting up ban and need assistance then contact our Lincolnshire Road Traffic Team today at our offices in Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding or Newark


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