Child abduction is a parent’s worst nightmare with nothing worse than the thought of returning home to find your children gone but all their possessions remaining there. Instantly your whole world collapses and you are emotionally traumatised, then you have deal with the huge task of knowing where to find help in dealing with complex legal systems including how to fund any action you have to take.

At Ringrose Law our Lincolnshire Child Abduction Solicitors provide advice, assistance and if necessary Court representation in respect of assisting parents to make arrangements for children on separation to ensure that these matters do not materialise.

However, when communication fails and you have suspicion or evidence that the other parent is planning to take your child to another country without your permission, or if you are worried about letting your child visit another country on a break, you need to take precautions and advice. Here at Ringrose Law our Lincolnshire Child Abduction Solicitors are specialists and able to advise and assist on all matters relating to child abduction. Hopefully if there is time avoid this situation happening. In the unfortunate event that action is not taken in time we are also able to help recover children where they have been wrongfully retained or unlawfully removed.

Legal Aid is available for these types of cases. They are serious, complicated and require urgent specialist help.

If you have any concerns or require any advice then please contact our Lincolnshire Child Abduction Solicitors Vicky Smith and Helen Armstrong on 01205 311511. We also have a 24 hour helpline contact number which you can call in the event of an emergency so that action can be taken fast on 07872 456369.


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