Our Road Traffic Defence Solicitors were recently contacted by a client who had been convicted “in his absence” for a motoring offence, he had been given 6 penalty points, fined and then disqualified from driving without even being present in Court! He had changed his address but had made the mistake of not telling the DVLA.

The first he had heard of a Court case was when he had received correspondence from the fines department at Court asking him why he had not paid his £750 fine and asking him to come to a fines clinic to discuss repayment. He was then arrested and spoken to by the Police for an offence of ‘Driving whilst disqualified’ which took him greatly by surprise as he did not know he had ever been disqualified from driving!

Needless to say he was staggered by all of this and took the sensible decision to contact our specialist Road Traffic Defence Solicitors. As a result of our advice, assistance with the preparation and our applications to the Court we had his conviction vacated, his disqualification and penalty points removed from his Driving Licence and the Police investigation was taken no further.

He was of course delighted with the result of this case and the services of Giles Tyas and the Road Traffic Defence Solicitors here at Ringrose Law.

If you are in a similar situation or need advice, contact our Road Traffic Defence Solicitors in Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding or Newark.

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