When a child is made a ward, the Court ‘takes over the ultimate responsibility for the child’, sharing parental responsibility with those who already hold it, but exerting control over important decisions.  All important steps in the child’s life have to be approved by the Court.  Common situations in which the Court might make a child a Ward of Court are as follows (although many other circumstances may apply)

a) orders to restrain publicity;
b) orders to prevent an undesirable association;
c) orders relating to medical treatment;
d) orders to protect abducted children, or children where the case has another substantial foreign element; and
e) orders for the return of children to and from another state.

In current times Wardship proceedings are less common as many issues can be resolved using the Children Act 1989.  However, the option of making an application for Wardship should not be forgotten or discounted. If you are concerned about the care and welfare of your child, or a child you are responsible for caring for, then please contact us here at Ringrose for urgent advice. Legal Aid may be available in many cases, subject to assessment of your financial circumstances.

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