I recently attended Lincoln Police Station following a request by a young mother for free legal advice whilst detained on an allegation of assault. My client was caught on CCTV fighting with another woman in a supermarket. My client was happy to admit an assault and accept a caution for the incident. However, I took my client’s full instructions and considered the CCTV and advised her that she did, in fact, have a defence to the allegation on the basis that she was acting in self-defence. It was clear to me that her actions were reasonable in the circumstances and so I advised her to answer questions providing all the background information she had made me aware of.

Upon heeding my advice, the police embarked on a more comprehensive investigation. Their findings aligned with our defence. To the young mother’s immense relief, they opted not to proceed with any charges, and she walked free.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the potential pitfalls of navigating the justice system without adequate legal guidance. Had this young mother not reached out for assistance, she might have ended up with an assault caution on her record, casting a shadow over her prospects.

At Ringrose Law, we emphasise that everyone, irrespective of their income or background, is entitled to free legal advice when they find themselves in a police station. The expertise we offer, available around the clock every day, can be the difference between a life-changing mistake and rightful exoneration.

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