I recently attended Lincoln Police Station following a request by a young mother for free legal advice whilst detained on an allegation of assault. My client was caught on CCTV fighting with another woman in a supermarket. My client was happy to admit an assault and accept a caution for the incident. However, I took my client’s full instructions and considered the CCTV and advised her that she did, in fact, have a defence to the allegation on the basis that she was acting in self defence. It was clear to me that her actions were reasonable in the circumstances and so I advised her to answer questions providing all the background information she had made me aware of.

The police followed up what my client had told them and as I anticipated they decided to take no further action against her and she was released without charge. Had she not sought our advice she would have found herself having to disclose a caution for assault to any future employers.

Regardless of how much you earn you are entitled to free legal advice at the Police Station from Ringrose Law 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Make use of it as it could make all the difference!

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