Giles Tyas of our Specialist Road Traffic Team here at Ringrose appeared recently in Peterborough Magistrates court to represent a lady accused of driving at 98 miles per hour in a 70 mile an hour zone.

Using Giles’ knowledge of Road Traffic Equipment used by the Police along with a keen eye for detail on the forms completed by the Police Officer in the case Giles managed to have the speed reduced to 88 miles per hour. Crucial as it lowered her sentence in the guidelines by a further three points.

Unfortunately this lady still had 12 points on her licence after these three points were endorsed and so Giles made an ‘exceptional hardship argument’ on her behalf which after a lengthy hearing resulted in her keeping her driving licence and with it her job and her lifestyle. She was extremely glad that she had chosen Ringrose Law for their detailed and specialist knowledge of road traffic law which kept her on the road.

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