Tony Freitas, solicitor in our Criminal Defence Team recently acted for Mr X who had been alleged to have stolen a crate of beer from a local shop. Mr X had denied this vehemently from the very first interview, but the police had nonetheless charged him with the theft. A not guilty plea was entered by Mr X and his case was adjourned for a trial to take place. Subsequently CCTV was received from the Crown Prosecution Service which they sought to rely on at the trial. They had been informed by the police that they believed the theft had been captured on the CCTV footage. Tony viewed the CCTV evidence, and was able to see that the footage did not actually capture the theft as it had been alleged! The footage, on much closer inspection, actually showed Mr X walk away from the scene of the alleged theft, and walk out of view having not taken anything from the shop in question. As a result of this, Tony made strong written representations to the Crown Prosecution Service about the weakness of the evidence based on the actual footage they were hoping to rely on, and that there simply was no evidence of the crime being committed by Mr X.

Thankfully, when the CPS reviewed the file, they clearly must have come to the same conclusion as shortly afterwards, the case against Mr X was discontinued. If it hadn’t been for Tonys’ sharp eye and attention to detail, Mr X could have been convicted of a crime he had not committed.

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