There is a growing emphasis in the area of Family Law for parties to resolve disputes through negotiation and agreement rather than through the Court, this is known as collaborative family law.

Christine Pickwell, a Partner and member of the Ringrose Family Team is trained as a Collaborative Lawyer.

Under the collaborative family law process each person appoints their own collaboratively trained lawyer and the parties and their respective lawyers all meet together face to face to work things out.

The advantage to each client is that he/she has his/her lawyer present throughout the process who can offer support and legal advice.

The parties and the lawyers sign up to an agreement that commits them to trying to resolve issues through negotiation and without going to Court and also prohibits the lawyers representing the client if the case does go to Court. This means that all participants are committed to finding a solution by agreement rather than through the Court.

If you would like more information on collaborative family law and would like a free half hour meeting with Christine Pickwell to explore this further, please contact her on 01205 311511 or email her at

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