As most of us know this is a term commonly reported in newspaper articles as the ‘defence’ run by a defendant during his or her trial. It perhaps sounds relatively straightforward and simple, but in reality needs further consideration before simply being brushed away as “I’ve heard that one before”.

When considering whether self defence is justified, not many people are aware that they can use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances as they honestly believes them to be in defence of themself or another. Of importance is the word – “CIRCUMSTANCES”. We sit at home, reading the paper, or listening to the news, perhaps even considering the details as a juror. We think about the alternative steps that the accused could have taken to avoid the situation. But it is important to remember where you are; that is sitting comfortably in the cold light of day, weighing up all the options and thinking rationally.

Have you acted in Self Defence?

Most confrontations start within seconds and in fact most are also over within seconds. When acting in self defence the law allows the use of such force as is reasonable for the purposes of defending yourself; defence of another; defence of property; and the prevention of crime. In fact the law goes further that if felt threatened, reasonable force can be used to ward off an imminent anticipated attack. This no doubt makes sense when you take into account the following example – you are being verbally abused by an aggressor and whilst you are retreating to get away from the situation, why should you wait to be struck by the other person before you hit out if you honestly believe that they are going to hit you!

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