Often we receive enquiries as to whether a child’s birth certificate can be changed?

Corrections can only be made to a child’s birth certificate if the information is wrong. It is not possible to change it if circumstances have changed, for example you change your name after marrying again.

It is possible to change the fathers name if a DNA test proves otherwise. However, if you wish to add a fathers name to a certificate you must re-register the birth. If the courts have determined who the father is by way of declaration of parentage you don’t need to do anything as the court will automatically tell the register office and the birth is re-registered. If no father was registered on the birth certificate the birth can be re-registered to include the name of the biological father if both parents agree. Similarly if the wrong man was named the child’s birth certificate can be re- registered and the biological father named. Therefore yes it is possible to amend a child’s birth certificate in certain circumstances .

If this is an issue affecting you and you would like further information and advice, contact one of our family team members at our offices in Boston, Lincoln, Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding and Newark.

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