Kerry Woollason recently saved her client from losing his driving licence after being convicted of having no insurance. The client worked as a property manager and spent most of his day traveling between the various properties he was responsible for. Initially his employer was responsible providing the correct business insurance for the client’s own vehicle, but this arrangement was due to come to an end and the client agreed to take over this responsibility on a certain date.

Unfortunately the client mistakenly thought that he had another month left to run on his employers insurance, and was subsequently stopped by the police 5 days after his insurance expired. He was ultimately convicted of having no insurance. As the client already had 9 points on his licence, and the minimum he would receive for no insurance was 6 points, he would be disqualified from driving under the ‘totting up procedure’ as the maximum number of points allowed is 12.

However, due to Kerry Woollason successfully presenting an ‘Exceptional Hardship’ argument to the Court on the basis that he would lose his job and potentially his home should he lose his driving licence, the client avoided disqualification from driving and kept his licence.

If you are facing a similar situation and risk loosing your licence as you have no insurance, contact Ringrose Law Motoring team here.

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