When I deal with someone at court, one of the first things I always check is what they said when they were interviewed by police and whether or not they were represented by a solicitor. The police interview can have a massive effect on a court case and can often determine what course it takes.

People don’t realise just how important police station interviews are – they can be very daunting. You should never be questioned without a solicitor present!

It doesn’t matter whether you are someone with no income, someone with little income or even someone with the income of a professional footballer- you are entitled to a solicitor free of charge for the police interview.

The most common reasons why people tell me they didn’t have a solicitor for a police station interview?

1. “I thought it would cost a lot of money” – It costs nothing to have a solicitor for a police station interview.

2. “I hadn’t done anything wrong so I didn’t think I needed a solicitor”

Why would you go into an (often) unknown environment without a solicitor? Without someone who spends their time (work days and even weekends) in police stations? Without someone who has been trained and qualified in advising people in a police station? It doesn’t make any sense!

One important rule you should never forget: NEVER go into a police interview without a solicitor. Regardless.

It costs you nothing, and we know what we’re doing.

Either ask for us at the police station or contact our out of hours numbers below.

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