At Ringrose Law our Family Department can assist you with a range of different issues that are dealt with by the Courts. When you receive a Court Order it will tell you the time you are expected to be in Court along with a time estimate for the Hearing. You might ask what does a time estimate  mean?

The Courts in Lincoln require you to be in attendance one hour before the Hearing has been listed to allow for negotiations to take place in an attempt to try and move matters forward and obtain an agreement where possible. The time estimate is the length of time you will be expected to be before the Judge and is not a clear cut time for when your case will finish. Quite often you will receive an order stating that you need to be at Court by 9am for a 10am Hearing listed for twenty minutes. This does not mean your case will have concluded by 10.20 am but can take several hours.

If you have a Court Order it is important you ensure that you have plenty of time until you have to catch a train/bus home or plenty of money on your parking ticket. If you have any family matters which are due in Court, whether it is dealing with finances ancillary to divorce, contact and residence disputes, Injunctions or Care Proceedings, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Family Team to discuss how we can help.

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