Not many people have to go through this experience, but even if you have not committed an offence it does not mean that you will never be interviewed at the Police Station.

People are falsely accused or wrongly accused quite often. The experience is very intimidating and frightening and requesting a Solicitor to represent and assist you can make the whole process easier. And more importantly, ensure you are not inadvertently admitting to something you haven’t done.

Interviews are not like those you see on TV. Solicitors will advise you and stay with you during the interview. The police are not allowed to shout at you and walk around the room during the interview and lean over into your face. Having a solicitor there will ensure that nothing like this happens.

How we can help

We have solicitors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and attend the police station at literally all hours of the day and night. Give us a ring if you are facing an interview and we can talk it through with you and even liaise with the police for you.

24hr assistance across Lincolnshire & Newark.

Please contact us on one of the numbers below

  • Boston & Spalding 01205 314600
  • Lincoln & Sleaford 01522 561022
  • Grantham & Newark 0845 601 2664

How can we help?

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