I represented a client today who was due to appear the court for a speeding offence.

He pleaded guilty to driving at 35mph in a 30 mph zone. This meant that the Court had to impose 3 penalty points on his licence.

Unfortunately, my client already had 9 points on his licence and therefore he was due to be disqualified from driving for 6 months under the totting up procedure. If you are facing the prospect of receiving 12 points on your driving licence over a three year period (totting up) the court will disqualify you from driving for a minimum of 6 months, unless you can convince the court that you will suffer exceptional hardship.

My Client

My client had had his own business for 25 years and had 14 employees. He advised me that if he lost his licence, he would have to lay off the majority of his staff. In Court, I made an application for exceptional hardship on the basis that my client’s employees and their families would suffer if he was to be disqualified as they would lose their jobs. The Court granted the application as they found the grounds for the application very compelling.

To avoid a totting up disqualification we can look at your case and if you have a case for arguing exceptional hardship we can help prepare your case properly and represent you in court, giving you the best possible chance of avoiding a totting up ban.

We have years of experience in preparing Exceptional Hardship Arguments and have successfully saved thousands of our clients driving licences over the years.

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