We all know that legal dramas often include inaccuracies in the law and do not always reflect what would happen in real life.

As lawyers, we often joke to each other that we end up either shouting at the TV, or switching over to another channel when we see programs such as these get things irritatingly wrong. That being said, I would not expect the same of a legal documentary.

I was watching Police Interceptors the other night when I heard the narrator of the program said that that someone who was arrested on suspicion of breach of bail pleaded guilty and was fined £40. That simply would not happen in real life. Breach of bail is not an offence in itself. It is right that you can be arrested for it and you can admit to the breach at Court, but you cannot plead guilty to something that is not a crime, nor can you be fined for it. If a breach of bail is proved, a court has to make the decision whether to release that person on bail, or remand them in custody until the conclusion of their case.

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