Ten years ago, everyone received paper statements about their bank accounts and investments, no one stored photographs, music, videos, games or documents on computers, let alone the cloud. Ten years ago, no one had Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr accounts (doubtless there are many others that I haven’t heard of)!!

The significance of all this is that it can now be really difficult for the bereaved to find all these assets and details of accounts, savings, ISA’s and even social media accounts, after someone has departed. We therefore recommend that when you make your Will you provide details of all of your online assets and online log in details with passwords in a written log which can be placed into storage with your Will. It makes everything easier for your executors and family and puts your mind at rest that all of your affairs have been taken care of, after you have gone.If you want to make a Will talk to us at Ringrose Law. At Ringrose Law, we understand your life is busy, and taking the time to make a Will can seem like a real hassle. We’ve lots of experience of helping people write their Wills and can ensure the whole process is fast, easy and as stress free as possible for you.We have a team of experts who can talk you through each stage of making a Will and will take the time to understand your personal circumstances to ensure you are happy that your assets are protected.

To speak to one of our advisors contact us at our offices across Lincolnshire in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Newark, Sleaford and Spalding, or complete our online ‘Making a Will’ form and we will contact you to discuss further.

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