Many people choose not to put wills in place in the mistaken presumption that the rules of intestacy will provide for their next of kin. Unfortunately this is not always the case for example if you are unmarried then your partner will not be provided for.

Many of our clients exclaim at the flexibility and opportunities which can be provided for when drafting their wills. I always consider a will gives you the opportunity to say who controls your affairs when you die and gives you the opportunity to give people you care about gifts of individual items or cash as a way of expressing your love and affection for that individual.

Remember though many opportunities can be missed by filling in a purchased will pack and in addition if the self made will is not completed correctly then your will maybe invalid!!

To make sure you have everything in place as you want it, contact our Wills team today. Our Wills start from as little as £120 +VAT or join our Ringrose Rewards scheme to receive 10% off.



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